Broad research interests of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) laboratory at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) lie in (i) developing new MRI techniques of image acquisition, processing, and analysis, (ii) unveiling the inter-regional brain communication mechanism, (iii) applying machine learning algorithms to MRI databases and MRI artifact suppression, and (iv) developing intraoperative MRI devices, These technical developments can make big differences in understanding baseline and functional brain physiology, and also diagnosis / prognosis / treatment of our body.    


New Graduate Students ------------------------------------)

JaeGeun Im (PhD Student, 2020.09 - present)

  • Hyun-Seo Ahn, Sung-Hong Park#, Jong Chul Ye#, Quantitative Susceptibility Map Reconstruction Using Annihilating Filter-based Low-Rank Hankel Matrix Approach. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 2019, Accepted.

  • Ji Hoon Ahn#, Hyunsoo Cho#, Jun-Hee Kim#, Shin Heun Kim, Je-Seok Ham, Sang Heon Suh, Seon Pyo Hong, Joo-Hye Song, Young-Kwon Hong, Yong Jeong, Sung-Hong Park, and Gou Young KohMeningeal lymphatic vessels at the skull base drain cerebrospinal fluid, Nature, 2019, 572(7767):62-66,

  • Jae-Woong Kim, Sul-Li Lee, Seung Hong Choi, and Sung-Hong ParkRapid Framework for Quantitative Magnetization Transfer Imaging with Inter-Slice MT and Dictionary-driven Fitting Approaches, Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 2019;82(5):1671-1683,

  • Muhammad Asaduddin, Won-Joon Do, Eung Yeop Kim, and Sung-Hong ParkMapping Cerebral Perfusion from Time-Resolved Contrast-enhanced MR Angiographic Data, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, 2019;61:143-148,

  • Hyeree Park, Joonhyuk Lee, Sung-Hong Park, and Seung Hong Choi, Evaluation of Tumor Blood Flow Using Alternate Ascending/Descending Directional Navigation in Primary Brain Tumors: A Comparison Study with Dynamic Susceptibility Contrast Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Korean Journal of Radiology, 2019;20(1):1- (I.F. = 3.094)

  • Jun-Hee Kim published a paper in Nature as a co-first author.

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  • Hyun-Soo Lee received 3rd place award in Electro-Magnetic Tissue Properties Study Group, ISMRM 2019.

  • Hyun-Seo Ahn received Magma Chum Laude in ISMRM 2019.

  • Hyo-Im Heo received the TA award (Feb. , 2018).

  • Sung-Hong Park received the instructor award (Feb. 2018)

  • Sung-Hun Seo received the TA award (Aug. 30, 2017).

  • Sung-Hong Park's news article in Digital Times.

  • Ki-Hwan Kim and Hyun-Soo Lee received Power Abstract Award in KSMRM 2016 (Mar. 26, 2016).

  • Hyo-Im Heo received the TA award (Mar. 2, 2016).

  • Jae-Woong Kim and Sul-Li Lee received the TA award (Sep. 2, 2015). 

  • Sul-Li Lee received a Poster award in KSMRM 2015 (Mar. 28, 2015).​

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